As educators and startups race to digitize course content, they often struggle to reach a balance between making resources accessible to large student populations and individualizing content to optimize learning. Adapt Courseware is a resource for teachers that approaches this middle ground. By combining customizable lessons and an easily manageable CMS, it simultaneously enables teachers to configure stimulating lessons that incorporate multimedia and allows large groups of students to progress at different paces.

Amidst a growing number of competitors, Adapt Courseware stands out for its incorporation of animated lectures, real-time grading, and continuous student-teacher feedback loops. It integrates nicely into learning management systems like Blackboard, and provides course content across a variety of subjects including marketing, psychology, American literature, and entrepreneurship. It also offers personalized assessment activities to facilitate topic mastery, and supports this methodology with data from recent studies confirming the advantages of adaptive learning technology.


Among other benefits that accompany interactive and social features (screen sharing, messaging, webcam support), Adapt Courseware allows instructors to view student data in real time. By monitoring participation in discussion boards and the number of attempts required to successfully complete activities, instructors are able to cater to individual learning needs. And after receiving teacher feedback, students have the flexibility to accept given grades or take extra steps to improve their scores. This encourages students to take personal responsibility for their learning and hopefully boosts self-efficacy and motivation.


Despite the introductory video, it would be helpful to see more information on the dashboard interface and the options they have for adding, removing, and rearranging content. The benefits to students seem clear, and while it promises to be easy for teachers to use, clearer information may assuage the concerns of educators who are wary of investing unnecessary time into new tech.

It’s also not clear from the website what the pricing structure is. The company hints that the list price is similar to that of a traditional textbook; however, without a significant difference in price, administrators might not be willing to abandon their relationships with publishers. For teachers seeking to curate content independently, it may not be financially feasible to finance an account on their own.

Our Takeaway:

It seems likely that adaptive learning technology will continue to be the focus for educators and entrepreneurs. Adapt Courseware has research to back up its methodology, with data from recent studies showing that students using adaptive learning technology showed significant improvement compared to those who didn’t.

In new learning environments where educators seek personalized solutions to optimize individual student learning, this Rochester, NY-based company has produced a comprehensive and seemingly polished product that appears poised for success.

The Bottom Line:

Adapt Courseware offers an interactive and engaging way for students to master new skills at their own pace.

Image: Logo via PR Web