Coursmos is an online micro-learning platform. Through a series of short videos, or "micro-courses," users are able to learn a new skill or knowledge unit in a few short minutes. Coursmos is directly targeted at the current generation of learners who spend a significant portion of their day in front of screens. Unlike traditional MOOCs that require a greater commitment, these micro-courses are broken into small, manageable chunks that can be easily absorbed by students. In addition to the online site, Coursmos is also available as a mobile app, so users can watch these video lessons on the go.


The primary advantage of viewing a micro-course is the ability to quickly get an answer to a question, without having to sit through an entire online course. From learning how to make an investment pitch, to acing a job interview, to solving a Rubik’s Cube, there is already a wide range of topics covered in the Coursmos library. This will only increase over time as users start generating and adding content to the site. Each micro-course is broken up into discrete topics, with video lessons ranging from one to five minutes. Creating a new micro-course is both quick and easy. Users can record videos on their mobile devices and easily upload and organize their videos on the Coursmos site.


Most of the courses on Coursmos are free or offered at very low cost. This inevitably leads to variance in the quality of the micro-courses that are produced. Some videos are professionally recorded, with an engaging speaker, while others seem more casual and informal.

Our Takeaway:

Coursmos is more than just a learning platform—it is an online community. Micro-courses are developed by users, for other users. This creates a network of actively engaged teachers and students. The topics for these micro-courses are driven by user demand. If there are certain topics or specific content that is not yet available on Coursmos, users can place a request for it to be developed by clicking the "Want More" button at the end of each course. Once this content has been generated, the original requestor will receive an alert notification. Coursmos aims to deliver the exact content that users want, when they want it. These micro-courses are likely to become the future model of online learning.

The Bottom Line:

Casual learning for a new generation of online students.

Image: Logo via Coursmos