Deb Winsor grew up building things with her grandpa. Taught at a young age to use tools, she fell in love with carpentry and creativity. But living in New York City with her own son, she realized that the opportunity—or the space—to do that was hard to come by. So she decided to create it herself. Once housed in Winsor's playroom, Construction Kids is now a full-blown professional workshop offered at 3 locations in NYC, where kids age 4-11 are taught to use real tools to build real projects: buildings, mazes, bridges, instruments, toys, go-carts, to name a few. Over the course of a three-hour workshop, kids are taught the safe way to use tools, encouraged to be self-reliant and work on their projects with autonomy, and most importantly, given a chance to be inspired by the potential of working with natural materials.

Music Pretty Melody by Podington Bear