"At NFTE, we believe that entrepreneurship education for all youth will grow the global economy and provide opportunities for young people to own their future. Entrepreneurship education is the fundamental tool for creating an ongoing cycle of learning and innovation that will bring sustainable job creation and re-creation. Young people face historic increases in joblessness, an unemployment rate that is three times higher than that of adults, and a rapidly shifting economy." (from Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship site)

The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship is an organization that provides underprivileged youth with programs that encourage forward thinking and entrepreneurship. The organization was initially founded in NYC in 1987 as a program to prevent students from quitting or failing out of school. Today, NFTE operates in 17 U.S. communities and 10 countries and has helped more than 600,000 young people stay in school, recognize business opportunities, and plan for the future. Their classroom-based lessons cover everything from competitive advantage and ownership to marketing, finance, and product development. Additionally, the NFTE classroom program provides students with funds to purchase wholesale items that they can then resell for a profit and engages local business owners in informative dialogues to help students learn about business strategies and opportunities.

Learning Outside the Box
For a more immersive experience, students (ages 13-18) can sign up for BizCamp, a 1-2 week day camp that focuses on entrepreneurship and business management. Students enjoy guest lectures from business professionals, visit local entrepreneurs and wholesale retailers, develop business plans for potential seed money, and learn the ins and outs of investment and successful marketing. For those interested in distance learning, NFTE Venture offers a virtual learning experience, supported by EverFi. Online students participate in simulation-based virtual reality tours, troubleshooting, and assumption testing while learning basic entrepreneurship concepts. Additionally, NFTE teamed up with the Citi Foundation to create makeyourjob.org, a web-based interactive gaming experience offering resources for young people interested in making their interests into a business.

Image: via Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship

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