ArtLab is a pop-up events organization that explores things that are interesting, mysterious, and all around us. The founder of ArtLab, scientist Maryam Zaringhalam, brought together a group of microbiologists, artists and beer lovers at the Brooklyn Brewery for a special, science-themed tour of the space led by brewmaster Garrett Oliver. Participants received the opportunity to taste the brewery’s ghost beers, which are experimental brews unreleased to the public, as well as learn the stories and inspiration behind the tastes and smells of various concoctions. True to the mission of ArtLab, which is to use the power of art to make the mysteries of science more accessible, and true to the mission of Brooklyn Brewery, which has been instrumental in developing community and identity in its home borough, the event was a microcosmic look at all the forces that make the macrocosm of New York nightlife what it is.

Music: "The Pound" by Patrick Lee