As you approach the looming entrance of what appears to be an abandoned warehouse, you'd never believe what's waiting on the other side. With a push of the heavy metal door it's as if you'd stumbled backstage into a performance of Cirque du Soleil; a colorful pandemonium of twists, turns, and tumbles through the air and across planes. Harbored in the depths of Bushwick, The Muse is a premiere circus school and event facility that aims to foster a unique artist community in NYC. In addition to providing space and time for aspiring performers to play and grow, amateurs seeking to challenge themselves and improve their lives have the opportunity to take classes in big top feats they never thought they could even attempt including acrobatics, hoops, aerial silks, ropes, contortion, and German wheel. After an evening of defying gravity and physical limitations, students feel a shift in their understanding of what's possible and gain skills to overcome insecurities related to heights, trust, communication, and even relationships. As founder Angela Buccini said of her first experience with circus arts, "once I could fly, I didn’t want to come down—" a sentiment shared by most students who reach new personal heights at The Muse.

Music: Cylinder Six by Chris Zabriskie