Hidden among the improv masters, aspiring screen actors, and Broadway starlets that occupy the city, dwells a niche group of performers dedicated to sharing their message in alternative and powerful means. New York is home to one of the liveliest puppet scenes in the world according to Puppet Kitchen head instructor, Michael Schupbach, who does his part to ensure the community grows bigger and stronger through the East Village organization's access to internships and workshops. On the first Tuesday of every month, the team of experienced puppeteers invites everyone from early stage enthusiasts to working artists to attend "Monitor Nights" where they can flex their performance muscles and experiment using the same behind-the-scenes set-up as television puppeteer pros on programs like the Muppets and Sesame Street. In addition to perfecting foundational skills like puppet eye-focus, lip synch, movement, and character development with on-site and renowned guest instructors, students have the opportunity to share tips and tricks, problem solve, and get inspired by the characters, both felt and flesh, that flock to this creative mecca.

Music: Tiptoe (Instrumental) by YEYEY