Gleason's Gym is one of the most iconic boxing gyms in America. Founded before the Great Depression, it attracted boxers from all over the world, despite its rough interior and poor facilities; after all, as current owner Bruce Silverglade would say, "Character is built on adversity." Today, Gleason's is located in downtown Brooklyn and home to legends of past, like Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali when he was still Cassius Clay, as well as the boxing gym of choice for Hollywood, both as a movie set and as the place where celebrities like Usher work out on weekends. And yet, if you visit on a Saturday morning, milling in between professional boxers, businessmen, and aspiring fighters, you see children and teenagers, training right alongside them. Since 1991, Gleason's has run an educational and character-building program, called Give a Kid a Dream for at-risk youth. Kids referred by counselors and teachers are accepted into the program and trained in the art of boxing, a large portion of which requires the mastery of discipline and aggression. At the same time, they receive free tutoring as part of a rigorous academic program to keep their grades up in school. Its goal? To make them champions, not just in the ring, but in life.

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