The neighborhood of Corona, Queens bustles beneath the 7 train and boasts the most heavily Latino population of any immigrant community in the borough. Accordingly, issues of immigration reform, solidarity, police relations, and human rights are of the utmost importance but can be difficult to broach when those affected may feel vulnerable. Mobile Print Power uses silk screen printing as a way to engage immigrant and minority groups in conversations surrounding weighty topics to create awareness, offer resources, and give the public a voice. Based out of Immigration Movement International , Mobile Print Power is composed of people of all ages and backgrounds who are invested in empowering and educating themselves and others regardless of their status in the United States. In addition to publishing collections of prints and writing, hosting exhibitions, and collaborating with local organizations and artist collectives all over New York City, MPP brings its signature-vending cart to Corona Plaza each month for the ¬°Oye Corona! cultural festival and resource fair. Amidst the melody of the mariachi band, members of the multigenerational collective teach the step-by-step process of silkscreen printing while generating discussion and creating something meaningful as a community.

Music: Codeword For A Change by All Good Funk Alliance