The Most Dangerous Writing App, as its name suggests, is a free web application designed to strike fear in the hearts of writers like me who are easily distracted or tend to get lost in the word weeds. The app is as simple as it is sadistic and, for those who work well under pressure, it might be a powerful antidote against writer's block. That’s because The Most Dangerous Writing App is a word processing platform that permanently deletes all of your written work as soon as you stop typing for more than a few seconds.


This app is great if you want to get your brain juices flowing. By forcing me to put my thoughts to (virtual) paper, imperfect as they may be, it helped me to move forward rather than constantly looking back over what I’d typed. Perfect is the enemy of good and this app seems like a fun platform for brainstorming or creating a first draft. At the end of your timed session, assuming you make it through to the end, you are given the option of saving your work so that you can edit it in Microsoft Word or another platform of choice.


The Most Dangerous Writing App is designed to create stress. When I pause for even a moment to collect my thoughts, an ominous red border appears on the perimeter of the screen and begins closing in on my writing, warning me that I am a split second away from losing everything. The app allows users to work in 3, 5, 10, 20, 40, or 60-minute increments, but I would honestly have a nervous breakdown if I tried to keep up this high-pressure regimen for a full hour. A 5-minute sprint was more than enough for me.

Our Takeaway:

Overall, The Most Dangerous Writing App would be nice to use during a group writing activity or push through a creative impasse. Still, there’s something about the premise of the app that feels like a bit of a gimmick and I doubt I will be returning to it to complete future assignments.

Image: Screenshot via The Most Dangerous Writing App