Over the years, YouTube has single handedly popularized such cultural touchstones as cats doing funny things, beauty tutorials, and musical parodies. Now, with scores of views each, some are wondering if educational videos are the next big thing in pop culture.

Educational videos, at least on YouTube, have come a long way from clips of NOVA and in-class lectures caught on tape (genres that are still around today). Now, there are bona fide YouTube educators who boast classes of millions of students. These educators, like other teachers, have their own specialties and, like the best teachers, know how to customize their lessons for their learners. Their videos are short, exciting, sharable, and impart memorable takeaways.

As explained by the host in the video above, "They make YouTube videos, not videos that end up on YouTube."

What lessons have you learned from YouTube? Do you have any favorite YouTube educators who weren’t listed in the video? Join the discussion on Vialogues to leave your thoughts.

@00:00 ContactsGlasses: Nothing makes anyone smarter except the desire to improve oneself. If you really want to learn something, you'll find a way, with or without YouTube.

@00:46 HSC: The flip side is that YouTube also makes you dumb.

@02:38 Carla: Putting something online doesn't add any zip to the content... a boring lecture in person translates to a boring lecture online.