A professional Audio/Visual technician, Andy Myers, came by the EdLab to show how he's transferring his skills into schools. Using multimedia in after-school groups called "Talent," Andy is empowering students to become better questioners, listeners and storytellers. In the facilitation of these clubs, Andy is equally inspired as his students and he shares his experiences with the EdLab Seminar group.

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Excerpts from the discussion

@11:27 gnatriello: Interesting observation about the growing comfort of the middle school students with being on camera and using cameras on a regular basis.

@20:50 Nantwi: The increase emphasis on the STEM subjects has led to budget cuts for programs such as video and the arts. I wonder if this class is offered to all the students in the school or if students have to meet certain criteria or just show interest.!

@32:00 hapj2011: How important is it to teach students how to plan a shoot? All these technologies make it so easy to just capture everything but I think it makes the post-production work so difficult. But maybe it is important for meaning to be derived after video capture.

@32:06 bhughes: There seems to be a transformation when the students go from still photography to videography. The video examples Andy shares shows how video can be an intensely personal medium even in an everyday environment.