eBook Plaza is a story creation and sharing app. It allows children to create stories in English or Spanish and submit them to be shared on the eBook marketplace.


This app would appeal to young writers who can customize the stories they create by uploading pictures, recording audio, or drawing their own pictures. The app requires that each page features an image, which may help young readers who are used to storybook formats. The storybook style of the app interface may also make books created by other users more appealing. As all books are reviewed by moderators prior to being featured in the marketplace, parents are able to know that the stories their kids read are appropriate.


While the bilingual marketplace feature is novel, stories can’t be saved on the user’s device without submitting them to the marketplace. Though the app provides basic graphics for players to use when beginning their stories, the graphics resemble clip art and may be less appealing for kids to create with. The functionality limits kids to audio or visual interactivity. SmartyPal, another story creation app, provides existing stories for children to develop into interactive stories, which may be a better gateway to story writing for young users. While the restriction of adding a graphic for each page may help young users, it could also hinder the creative expression of older audiences.

Our Takeaway:

While eBook Plaza provides an interesting way for learners to share their writing with others, its functionality is very limited. Other story creation apps like SmartyPal may provide better user experiences for young writers.

Image via Amazon