A Designer Who Breaks through the Walls of Education

Education should not be constrained by space and time. Udell successfully goes beyond the boundaries of both. A firm believer in mobile learning and the concept of "learning everywhere", Udell is endeavoring to build an "edutopia" through the evolution of mobile technologies. His degree in graphic design, art history and multimedia provided him with a solid background to create interactive, inspirational educational experiences through various mobile learning applications. Over the years, Udell has participated in the design and development of different web-based projects in diverse fields, including music, publishing, and design. His extensive experience in multimedia development and his passion for education position him to ride the mlearning wave.

All Roads Lead to Mobile

Udell’s multifaceted life, if plotted on a graph, would have many connection points as he moved from freelance work developing mobile user experiences to founding his mLearning consulting firm, Float Mobile Learning. Float is focused on all forms of mLearning from education to corporate training. In addition, Udell teaches in the multimedia program at Bradley University. As an educator for nearly ten years, Udell knows well the needs from the perspectives of learner and educator, and incorporates these insights into mobile learning design. He is a fan of adaptive learning technology and in one of his public speeches he introduced this concept in reference to designing mobile learning content that is "intelligent" and customized to various individual needs. Ultimately Udell seeks to develop mobile learning opportunities that optimize learning outcomes.

Learning Everywhere

What is fascinating about Udell’s work is not only how he combines multimedia design with interactive and adaptive mobile learning, but also how he implements mobile learning in regard to professional training. He is an avid advocate for the BYOD initiative – "Bring Your Own Device" – in professional settings as evidenced in his article, "Dear Companies, You Should Start Using Mobile Devices As Training Tools For Your Employees". Udell’s initiative to build an "edutopia" with no walls of time and space is further extended to the professional training arena where we are truly, Learning Everywhere.

Image: Detail from Twitter.