One day, a mathematician, educator, web developer, gamer, and entrepreneur came together to create an educational math platform that would captivate young children and make a notoriously difficult subject more fun. So Matific was born. This app can be used in an educational setting or at home and is relatively inexpensive compared to similar platforms. While you can try the app for free, website membership costs $30 for the year.


Matific is what it bills itself as: an engaging, interactive, game-based learning platform. It has over 1,000 activities for kids in K–12 math classes, and many align with different state standards and common textbooks. Each game is a bite-sized bit to the larger puzzle, testing one skill in isolation at a time. The animations are simple and allow users to focus on the task at hand. The games are straightforward and have clear instructions. If you get an answer wrong, a hint will pop up to help you solve it. The games would work well to either reinforce previously learned skills or build new mathematical understanding. In fact, the website claims that a recent study found that Matific helped improve students’ math test results in a classroom by 34%. And teachers who use the app receive built-in progress reports for their students as they play.

Matific also has an engaging and fun reward system built into the games. For example, in each grade level, kids work to collect pixels to build various aliens. They can then watch all their completed aliens dance together on the Party Planet. In addition, they are awarded fun stickers for each skill they master, which they can stick onto various backgrounds. These reward systems may seem simple, but I have no doubt they will make kids want to continue playing to collect more.


Many of the games across the Matific platform are utilized repeatedly, albeit with varying degrees of difficulty. This adds a structure of scaffolded learning to the app, but could also potentially disengage children after a certain number of times. In addition, while all grade levels are currently available on the website, only K–3 are available on the app store; grades 4–6 only appear online.

Our Takeaway:

The simplicity of each Matific game works to its advantage. Kids will stay focused on solving the math problems while remaining engaged throughout the short and sweet activities. In addition, the reward system makes the platform genuinely fun to use. Matific is definitely a great tool for reinforcing old skills or learning new.

Image: via Matific