At Pixel Academy, a self-described "community of kids and teens that are passionate about learning 21st century skills," you'll see young people learning and experienced adults sharing knowledge, but this "academy" is far from a school, or even your typical extra-curricular "class." Here, students are called "members," emphasizing the Academy's position as a resource center for equipment, expertise, and co-learning more than a fixed-content instructional institution. Members can attend workshops to learn new subjects; they also use the space and equipment independently to explore their new skills and interests or work on long-term projects in 3D printing, Arduino programming, video game design, music production, and more. Students can seek guidance from staff, collaborate on projects, and come to the "Academy" when they want to work on their skills. With state of the art equipment, limited structure, and the vast possibilities of 21st Century media before them, members are encouraged to be curious, independent, and creative as they acquire new skills rarely found in even the hippest of other "academies." Curious what others have to say about Pixel Academy? Join the conversation at vialogues.