For teachers who feel like they are drowning in data, analysis system Kickboard hopes to lend them a hand. Previously aimed only at school-wide analytics, the system has recently pivoted to allow individual teachers to manage up to three classrooms. The app and website are fully customizable and help track things like grading, behavior, and attendance. Kickboard also allows data to be shared between teachers for comparison and a bird’s eye view of student performance. The system encourages daily data tracking and makes it easy to produce student reports.


Kickboard’s development is teacher-driven with classroom teachers involved in prototyping and testing. The site even promises that customer support and training will be provided by a Kickboard employee with classroom experience. Attention and response to teacher needs are major selling points of the system and may explain the unusually flexible interface. Because every classroom and school is different, Kickboard allows users to customize their assessments. For instance, in Kipp schools, administrators are able to focus assessment on color-coded behavior choices. Teachers can program their built-in assessments to the behavior and augment each choice with notes to make them even more personal. Kickboard also automates consequence or reward systems based on school policy to take the disciplinary burden off harried teachers.


Kickboard seems to work well for behavior assessment and might be a great boon in K-8 classrooms that prioritize in-class conduct over grading. In higher education, all-inclusive learning management systems seem like a better way to organize data.

Our Takeaway:

Educational data is becoming more important to teachers, researchers, and parents. Looking beyond test and assignment performance and digitizing in-class behavioral data is a major step towards a more complete understanding of learning. The classrooms of the future will feature deep analytics that offer a multifaceted picture of student performance. Kickboard’s quickfire assessment interface, device flexibility, and teacher-driven development make it a tool of the future that adapts to the classroom of today.

The Bottom Line:

Kickboard is a new frontier of data for K-8 classrooms.

Image: Logo (via Kickboard).