The creators of Leela Kids believe that with so many podcasts, finding content suitable for children can be a difficult task. So they created an app specifically curated for young listeners, with streams featuring topics that typically excite kids.


The app curates content focused on four different age groups spanning 3–15 years old. Each age group has a different set of topics relevant to common interests of that group. For example, the 3–5 year old age group contains podcasts related to animals, bedtime stories, and music, and the 12–15 year old age group contains podcasts related to tech and gadgets, Harry Potter, and family-friendly TED talks, among others.

Each stream on Leela Kids contains episodes chosen from various podcasts based on their content and age appropriateness. For example, the dinosaur stream in the 5–8 year old group contains 26 episodes taken from 7 different shows. Basically, instead of searching through a regular podcast app for episodes both related to a particular topic and kid-friendly, Leela Kids does the work for you.


Unlike some other podcast apps, Leela Kids does not give users the ability to download episodes onto their device via the app. Instead, each podcast can only be played with Internet access. This could make it inconvenient for people trying to access podcasts when they’re on the go or without a reliable connection. Not to mention that road trips can be tough to get through without captivating listening material!

Our Takeaway:

Leela Kids reliably provides kid-friendly and fun content geared toward young listeners. It could be a useful platform for parents or teachers trying to find audio content related to a particular topic that will engage kids. Also, it’s an app that children can use by themselves without parents worrying they’ll stumble upon something inappropriate.

Image: by Frank Mckenna via Unsplash