When designing curricula for the modern classroom, even the best teachers need a blueprint. Coursetune supports teachers in building curricula in a visual and collaborative way, doing away with ineffective approaches and so-called "curriculum rot." Co-founder and CEO Maria Anderson shared a product demo and engaged in a discussion about current and future Coursetune users at the EdLab seminar in November 2017.

Watch the full seminar on Vialogues.

Excerpts from the discussion:

@08:22 Brian Sweeting: Curriculum design needs to take into account big picture ideas and outcomes.

@18:01 Cinthia Fabian: It's interesting how profound a difference more easily digestible data visualizations can make for the successful implementation of these ideas (so that the hard work that goes into design plans doesn't go to waste!)

@34:40 JoAnn Vazquez: Are there other factors at play that might impede revisions of curricula? I'm thinking at the admin level. I imagine that one of the reasons a curriculum lives on in perpetuity is because it's just easier that way. Coursetune's approach is innovative but takes more work. I sense resistance in their future.