Nirmal Mukhi leads a research and design team at IBM focused on applying AI to education. Much of his work surrounds the Watson Tutor, a personalized, conversational system that uses Socratic dialog to improve student engagement with and mastery of learning content. Nirmal Mukhi joined the EdLab Seminar to offer a demonstration and discuss the design behind the tutoring system.

Watch the full seminar on Vialogues.

Excerpts from the discussion:

@17:18 Debra Lee: A recommendation engine will throw up content enabling students to continually ask questions and get answers. Still, for the learning benefits Watson will bring the student back to a learning pathway.

@36:29 Thomas Anderson: Understanding and grading the learner inputs is the biggest challenge.

@49:51 Debra Lee: Chatbots are designed for specific tasks driven by the user and goal oriented. Whereas Watson Tutor has long conversations and aims to keep students engaged and learning progressed.