Vroom helps parents and caretakers interact with their young loved ones in meaningful and educational ways, all while doing everyday activities. This research-backed online platform, also available as an app, shows that you don’t need expensive toys to teach your child life skills; so much of it can be done in daily interactions, such as meal time, bath time, and bedtime. Vroom offers a curated tip to its users every day to infuse daily tasks with simple learning activities.


When you open Vroom, the first thing you do is create a profile for your child that includes the exact month they were born so that Vroom can offer age appropriate activities. Vroom is geared toward babies and young children aged 0–5 when brains are developing most rapidly. While the platform offers one curated tip each day, users can also search through all 1000+ Vroom tips to find ones they like. For example, one tip for bath time is to bring a bowl and spoon into the bath to encourage your child to "cook" with bubbles and water. Each tip also comes with a Brainy Background that explains the specific developmental areas each activity targets.

Vroom organizes its content in an incredibly intuitive and useful dashboard. You can create profiles for multiple children, search through tips, create a scrapbook digital journal of pictures and accomplished activities, record children’s favorites, and track developmental skill progress. The platform’s ease of use is sure to please busy parents.


While tips focus on interactions between adult and child, Vroom could be improved by incorporating tips geared toward creating meaningful and educational interactions between children. I can imagine parents of multiple young children wanting tips that help nourish sibling bonds and develop the natural learning relationship between them. Also, parents of multiple young children might be more willing to do one Vroom tip a day with all their children rather than multiple Vroom tips, each with a different child.

Our Takeaway:

Obviously, parents teach their child developmental skills just by interacting with them normally. But Vroom’s tips give parents confidence in educating their children and creating more meaningful interactions in everyday activities. Because of its creativity, research-backed developmental activities, and ease of use, Vroom is a fantastic tool for new parents and caretakers, as well as for larger child and healthcare organizations.

Image: via Vroom