"AMAZE is harnessing the power of digital media to provide children, adolescents, their parents, and educators with medically accurate, affirming, and honest sexual health information." (AMAZE Vision Statement)

Sex Ed Resources for Tweens

A collaboration between Advocates for Youth, Answer, and Youth+Tech+Health, AMAZE is an organization that creates free online resources that bring sexual health information to young adolescents. Despite the fact that early adolescence marks a critical transition between childhood and older adolescence, the team at AMAZE realizes that most sex ed resources are aimed at high school students. Therefore, AMAZE’s website and set of tools aims to fill the information gap by targeting kids primarily ages 10 to 14.

AMAZE is very concerned with representation and inclusion of youth at every stage of its resource production process. It initially established its platform after asking its intended audience exactly what works when they encounter sex ed information and materials. Based on responses, AMAZE has identified humor, youth narration, colors and music, organization, and professionalism as the must have characteristics of health resources. Their national youth advisory board and deep formative research with youth" ensures that their content and design directions suit their audience.

Creative, Edgy Videos About Health

After determining topics that matter most to young adolescents, AMAZE produces videos, compiles research and outside resources, and answers questions on the site. AMAZE very consciously creates resources that can be accessed anytime and anywhere, recognizing that technology is key to reaching demographics that might not otherwise have access to this critical health information.

The AMAZE video series includes animated pieces, live-action features, and interviews that deliver accurate information in an engaging, age-appropriate, and quirky way. Videos explore puberty and adolescent development, anatomy, physiology, reproduction, sex, gender identity, healthy relationships, and personal safety. Their honest portrayal of the adolescent experience might have moments of comedy, but ultimately portrays serious topics in an accessible, professional way.

Beyond resources for adolescents themselves, AMAZE also provides conversation starters, lesson plans, and online, video, and book resources for parents and educators. Whether you’re helping a tween going through puberty or are a tween yourself, AMAZE is there to help.

Image: via AMAZE