Ruta Kruliauskaite is an interactive designer and multimedia producer at EdLab. There, she works mainly in the Smith Learning Theater where she designs and runs interactive learning experiences. Recently, she ran a theater workshop for participants in the Literacy Unbound Summer Institute to introduce them to the process of creating a performance with technology in a versatile space.

Literacy Unbound is an annual summer program hosted at Teachers College, Columbia University that brings high school English teachers and students together for a two-week literature and theater immersion. During this time, participants collectively read a text, then attend a series of theater and design workshops before creating and performing their own original theatrical piece based on the novel. This year, the group read Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle.

During the first week of Literacy Unbound, participants had workshops focused on movement and brainstorming about the content. Ruta’s workshop, Behind the Scenes, was the first class in the program’s second week. It helped the participants bring together all they had learned in the first week and begin to create actual performances. In addition, Ruta showed the participants how technology could transform the Learning Theater space and guided them through the process of making original vignettes with lighting, video, and sound. The Literacy Unbound participants performed their final piece for the public three days later.

Music: Absum by Nctrnm