"Empower your kids to love coding." (Juni Learning)

Online Tutoring in Coding

Juni Learning was started by two female Stanford graduates who were inspired by their frustration in learning to code and vowed to make computer science and programming knowledge more accessible. Their platform, Juni, pairs students ages 5–18 with instructors for private online or group (of up to three students) coding classes, giving students access to one-on-one attention at competitive prices. For group classes, parents can coordinate with friend groups or have their children paired with students of similar age and skill range. Juni recruits current and former computer science students to teach these courses, and the startup already serves thousands of students across the globe.

A Program for Students of All Levels

Juni courses are offered in different tracks based on age, past experience, and interests. Students learn programming fundamentals, logic, and math and use their knowledge to create a game, website, app, or larger portfolio at the end of the course. Beginners can start through learning Scratch while more advanced students can focus on building algorithms in Python or Java.

Students using Juni have live meetings with their online instructors and they and their guardians can use the Juni app to view assignments, check progress, see future coursework, and directly message the Juni team for help if needed. Whether a student takes a course as an individual or through a package for multiple families, mentorship and tools are available at every step of the process.

Image: via Juni Learning