"Disrupting tech education by helping students become Rockstar Engineers." (NextGenT)

Empowering the Next Generation of IT Engineers

The NextGenT team doesn't believe in the effectiveness of the popular developer bootcamps that many aspiring computer engineers flock to. While these several-month-long training programs are intended for individuals to quickly build up the technical skills necessary to land an IT job, their one-size-fits-all model values breadth over depth. Instead of teaching a wide range of digital skills, NextGenT argues that training a developer in specific, teachable skills is more efficient and effective and makes graduates industry ready.

Taking inspiration from their military training, the founders of NextGenT believe that the best education system is one based on real-world skills training that prepares students to succeed in the workforce. With their full learning platform launched by Y Combinator at the beginning of this year, NextGenT offers tech degree programs, individual courses, hands-on projects, and in-person workshops with specific aims based on students’ interests and needs.

A Practical, Affordable Investment

The first online program NextGenT has launched is for a full stack network engineer certification, which requires no previous experience and promises to teach the most in-demand skills. Additionally, programs in cyber security, DevOps, sales, blockchain, voice, and cloud engineering are in the works. Once students complete a program, NextGenT provides career coaching to help them get jobs.

NextGenT recognizes that everyone should have access to quality education, and that typical developer bootcamps are very expensive, ranging anywhere from $9,000 to $21,000. The network management program is at the lower end of that spectrum at $12,500, with opportunities for discounts.

Image: by Farzad Nazifi via Unsplash