"Where women in tech can talk about whatever we want." (Leap)

A Social Network with the Core Culture Set by Women

Cadran Cowansage, a software engineer at Y Combinator, didn’t feel comfortable talking openly online. In a world where social networks are designed almost entirely by men, connecting and engaging meaningfully with women on the web can be very difficult, especially in a field as male-dominated as tech. So Cowansage created Leap, an online community to serve female founders, designers, marketers, software engineers, VCs, and others in tech.

Under Cowansage’s direction, Leap aims to be a social network created by and for women. The site had 1,500 members in its private beta, and launched a public site in January of this year.

Breaking Glass Ceilings In Tech Together

Leap intends to be a space where women can talk about anything from technical articles to parenting troubles. Members can ask and answer questions, seek and give advice, and share resources and thought-provoking articles. Beyond being a safe space for women in tech to share their experiences and learn from one another, Leap can also foster offline relationships leading to job offers, mentorship, and friendships in the industry.

Social networks are notorious for their hostility, and for leading to unproductive shouting matches. Leap strives to make room for opinions and voices that might not otherwise be heard, and in doing so, hopes to be a positive presence online.

Image: by rawpixel via Unsplash