Stephen Hicks and his team at the University of Oxford have developed augmented reality glasses that enhance the sight of people with severe visual impairment. Their smart glasses take advantage of any vision the user still has by using cameras to detect important objects and project them on the inside of the lenses.

The camera has different modes that allow users to better perceive contrast or zoom in on specific objects. While the images on the glasses are computerized representations, not natural vision, they aim to enhance users’ confidence in their surroundings, and enable them to take part in social activities such as bowling and going for a drink with friends.

Could augmented reality open new horizons for the visually impaired? Add your voice to the discussion on Vialogues.

Excerpts from the discussion:

@01:20 Sara Hardman:This technology reminds me of a VR system that is used to help the visually impaired experience visual art and sculptures.

@03:13 Betsy Harrington:If these glasses work by magnifying, enhancing, and reproducing human vision, maybe they could be used to increase the length of everyone’s vision. I would love to be able to recognize faces from a distance or read faraway signs!