From the deep sea to the red planet, from The Metamorphosis to The Jungle, and from science experiments to podcast showcases, in 2018 the Smith Learning Theater molted its skin again and again to host a plethora of mind-stimulating events. After EdLab hosted a grand opening of the Learning Theater with its mission to Mars, many Teachers College groups took charge of the metamorphic space for their own educational experiences.

While elementary school students explored the ocean and participated in Science Saturday, high school students and teachers created original pieces of performance art based on classic novels and performed them in front of a live audience. At other times, Teachers College graduate students and faculty conducted digital learning exhibitions, podcast showcases, and academic workshops and conferences, to name a few of the many educational experiences that were born in the Learning Theater.

Overall, this past year filled the Learning Theater with creativity, movement, and unforgettable learning experiences—all of which have only paved the way for future extraordinary events.

Music: Once Again by Bensound