If you haven’t already met them, get to know these five young innovators who are not afraid to be ambitious and take some risks.

1. Bathabile Mpofu
Bathabile Mpofu is a scientist, innovator, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Nkazimulo Applied Sciencesin Durban, South Africa.

2. Subrahmanyam Vungarala
Subrahmanyam Vungarala is the founder of Verzeo, an online platform that helps to bridge the gap between a student’s classroom environment and their work atmosphere through AI-based software.

3. Angela Washko
Angela Washko is an artist, writer, and Carnegie Mellon University professor devoted to creating new forums for discussing feminism in the spaces most hostile toward it. 

4. Scott Lee
Scott Lee is the CEO and founder of Gooroo, an online platform that connects parents and students with qualified tutors based on their specifications of subject, location, learning style, and educational aspirations.

5. Michelle Young
Michelle Young is the founder of Untapped Cities, a site dedicated to rediscovering New York City, which is soon expanding to include Los Angeles.

Image: Bathabile Mpofu