Last year AR and VR technologies provided new ways of learning for seniors and those with disabilities. Here we look back at five ways that virtual reality and augmented reality improved quality of life in 2018.

1. Haptic Gloves Let the Blind Experience Art in a Totally New Way
Blind individuals can experience the masterworks of sculpture as never before, using VR gloves.

2. Teaching the Body to "Feel" Prosthetics
Amputees suffering from phantom limb syndrome find new solutions, through VR and prosthetics.

3. Augmented Reality Glasses Enable Bowling for the Blind
AR glasses with high contrast settings empower the visually impaired.

4. VR Allows Seniors to Dine Around the World
An immersive virtual experience lets seniors dine together even though apart.

5. VR Helps Seniors Explore the World Beyond the Assisted Living Center
A group of seniors use VR to explore the world outside their nursing home.

Image: via Wikimedia Commons