"I believe we are one of the best in the world in terms of UI/UX design. We do a lot of research into what is familiar and natural to humans. We are continuously pushing ourselves to figure out how to teach concepts with images, without using letters." (Sooinn Lee, CEO, Enuma)

New Motivation for Making Games

When Sooinn Lee first found out that her newborn son had special needs affecting both his physical and intellectual development, she thought her professional experience as a video game developer was irrelevant. But as her son grew, she realized that well-designed games can help children with special needs learn independently. In 2010, she and her husband started Enuma, a company dedicated to creating learning games that promote motivation, independence, and success for all children. Tablet apps such as Todo Math, Todo Telling Time, and Kid in Story make learning accessible by offering a special font for dyslexic learners and multiple input modes for answers. For example, children who find writing difficult can tap and drag blocks to answer questions.

Additionally, Enuma’s games are empowering. While parents can see detailed progress reports with a special login, the games themselves do not award winners or losers; when a child attempts a wrong answer, the screen silently resets to allow for a second try. Because children with special needs are especially prone to discouragement, Enuma’s games reinforce learning without penalizing for mistakes.

Learning for All

Enuma’s games are designed with special needs children in mind, but they are meant to make learning accessible and fun for all children. Learning to read, do math, and tell time are skills all kids need to learn; the only difference with special needs children is that they require higher quality games to keep them engaged and motivated. The success of Enuma’s recent Kitkit School app provides encouraging evidence of its effectiveness for promoting independent learning among diverse audiences. The app placed as a finalist in the 2017 Global Learning XPRIZE competition, a contest asking companies to develop software to teach basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills to children in Tanzania. Enuma’s apps challenge educators to consider the importance of design in addition to content when creating independent and inclusive learning tools.

Image: By Enuma: Todo Math Website