Anatomyou VR is an app that presents human anatomy from an up-close perspective. It allows users to turn their mobile device into a virtual endoscope of sorts, touring the human body with 360-degree, 3D navigation.


Journeying along internal systems like the gastrointestinal, reproductive, and nose and throat tracts, users interact with hotspot prompts that provide information about key anatomical elements. Navigation controls pause, slow down, or speed up the virtual tour, allowing users to inspect these elements in detail. Featured internal systems are medically accurate, having been created in part by health professionals experienced in developing medical technology for educational purposes. The accurate presentation of these systems is what makes the Anatomyou experience ideal for instructors teaching about human anatomy, students interested in health sciences, and a wide range of medical professionals. The app is free to download, providing access to select internal systems with additional systems available for $0.99 each.


While the app is best viewed when paired with VR goggles, promotional materials state that features can also be viewed using full-screen mode on a phone or tablet. However, I found the navigation panel in these modes quite difficult to use. Information provided about the anatomical structures was fairly limited in detail as well. Phone or tablet users could benefit from a slightly longer explanation about the purpose, evolution, and importance of these structures.

Our Takeaway:

Anatomyou delivers on its promise of providing an impressive 360-degree experience, allowing for a more intimate study of human anatomy. By enabling virtual tours of our internal systems, this app would be an engaging and valuable addition to classroom lessons on human anatomy.

Image: via Anatomyou VR