Super Stretch Yoga is an app that teaches children yoga through storytelling, animation, and live video examples. Super Stretch, an animated superhero character, guides children through twelve yoga poses with breathing exercise in between. A story of an animal accompanies each pose along with a video of real-life children demonstrating it.


Super Stretch Yoga is easy to use and free. It takes two clicks to start the guided experience. Older children could probably use it without supervision while parents and teachers don’t need to have any knowledge of yoga to introduce it. Going through all twelve poses only takes six minutes. It would be easy to incorporate into a busy day.

The experience is fun and interactive. The cute animal animations that represent each pose are whimsical and engaging. For example, to introduce "child’s pose" we learn about Moksha the mouse. In the story, he runs between hiding places all day and curls up into a ball when he needs to rest. I can see how this would help children get into the mindset of the pose. Super Stretch is gently encouraging throughout, always telling the user to do their best and have fun. It’s an accessible introduction to yoga for young children that they will enjoy.


The app runs through the poses quickly, and it’s hard to keep up, especially on the first time trying it. Although you can pause the video, an additional 15 seconds for each pose would make a huge difference. Some of the real-life demonstrations were a little confusing because there was such a contrast in how each child performed the pose. But the differences do go along with their ethos of allowing children to do whatever is best for them.

There are only twelve poses so there isn’t much room to grow. It probably isn’t well suited for older children given the simplicity of the content.

Our Takeaway:

Although limited in scope, Super Stretch Yoga is a fun, interactive way to get young children started with yoga and breathing exercises.

Image via Super Stretch Yoga