"Our mission is to build a global online community where kids build, code, play, and learn from one another." (Connected Camps)

Connecting Kids Through Minecraft

Many kids and teens are guilted by parents and teachers for the amount of time they spend playing computer and video games. However, perhaps instead of discouraging this behavior, it is more productive to find a way in which learning can be encouraged through these popular platforms. This, essentially, is what Connected Camps has done. Aiming to turn screen time into learning time, Connected Camps runs after-school and summer labs that allow kids to have fun while gaining skills that are applicable outside the world of gaming.

Connected Camps offers labs in game design, coding, media creation, and creative building, and operates through the game Minecraft. The most popular video game of all time, Minecraft provides many opportunities for learning, exploring, and collaborating. Campers learn skills while directly engaging with the platform as well as with their peers participating in the camp. Campers can specialize in one particular skill or hop around between as many as they’d like.

Community Learning Online

Connected Camp counselors are youth tech experts who function as teachers and mentors for campers, guiding them through the world of Minecraft. As campers engage with their counselors and each other across the platform, they learn the value of collaboration and cooperation, making what might seem like an isolating activity quite social.

The online and community-based programs Connected Camps provides have served thousands of kids across the country. Its emphasis on the positive potential of technology gives game-loving kids a chance to find a practical application for their passion.

Image: via Connected Camps