Bluelaces Theater creates immersive, play-based educational experiences specifically designed for children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Children are the protagonists of Bluelaces’ productions, which are carefully crafted to provide multisensory experiences. The company’s goal is to create a flexible environment in which children can relax and play. Every show is different, because the performers adapt to the needs of each child to provide a personalized experience that promotes exploratory and social-emotional learning.

Bluelaces productions invite children to create, explore, and experience theater in an immersive, social, and playful environment. In your opinion, what kind of environments best support learning? Add your voice to the discussion on Vialogues.

Excerpts from the discussion:

@00:25 Melanie Hering: I think the best kind of learning environment for play-based learning is one that combines practical skills, a variety of learning styles, and pure fun. There was a children's museum I used to go to as a child which I absolutely adored because it was so creative and hands-on in its design; it had everything from a "shopping center" where you could pick out whatever you wanted but had to do the math to figure out the cost of your combined items to a room with a bunch of ping pong balls and pipes to build with teaching physics lessons. Each room had an innovative approach to teaching a concept through play.

@01:24 Sara Hardman: Using real items helps create an immersive environment. There is some magic in being truly immersed in a theatrical, imaginative experience. You can learn at the same time you're awe-inspired.