When Ariane was diagnosed with lymphoma, she noticed that young patients spend a lot of time waiting around in the hospital. To help patients like her learn during their hospital visits, she designed the Innovation Pop-Up Space: a makerspace where children have freedom to invent and create using a 3D printer and circuits. There are many things that hospital patients can’t control, but in the Innovation Pop-Up Space, they have the agency to transform their ideas into reality.

The makerspace is open 24/7 and tutorials for object-creation are available online. What impact do you think the Innovation Pop-Up Lab can have on patients’ learning? Add your voice to the discussion on Vialogues.

Excerpts from the discussion:

@01:02 Dallas Milanovich: I really like this idea as a form of therapy; as this young woman points out, there's nothing that makes you feel more out of control than being cooped up in a hospital. It's great that there is still room for creativity and experiential learning even in such a rough situation.

@01:09 Melanie Hering: I think giving patients something meaningful to do with their time is critical not only to morale, but to recovery. Learning can happen anywhere, in any context, and teaching that to patients can give a sense of purpose and meaning to life they might not have experienced in the hospital before.