"Go_girl: code+create" is a project run through the Department of Education, University of Oxford that teaches young women from non-traditional education backgrounds coding and other technology skills. It was created in response to the low rate of participation in higher education among neighboring towns around Oxford. The creators hoped that a supportive environment where girls can learn new skills would increase their academic confidence and broaden their aspirations.

In the project, girls hear the stories of the women at Oxford and the challenges they’ve overcome to get where they are. They then storyboard and produce videos about these stories, which they share through a mobile application they create. Throughout, project coordinators are engaging the girls to help identify their career goals and aspirations.

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Excerpts from the discussion:

@02:25 Sara Hardman: Is this organization preparing women for particular fields, or is the purpose simply to expose them to a new set of skills? As in, do they also help forge connections between their learners and external companies, or do they just teach them the skills and let them take it from there?

@02:50 Morgan Platt: It seems that exposure to a valuable set of skills is the primary goal. That carries the added benefit of increasing confidence and self-esteem. At this age, that shift is powerful.