Inklewriter lets users read and write non-linear, choose your own adventure type stories. Reading an Inklewriter ebook begins just like any story until readers are confronted with a set of choices. The story will unfold in different ways depending on the choices selected by the reader. Readers can explore the different options available to them in the story, turning one story to many different stories. Inkle believes that creating these choose your adventure types of stories will encourage the writer to think deeply about story structure. It can also give the writer the freedom to fully explore any choices a character makes in the story.


The types of stories users create can involve plenty of deep thinking and planning. Writers can create situations in which readers need to make a decision that could affect the entire story or explore a character more deeply. Editing these types of stories would normally be very involved, but Inklewriter makes it easier for users to keep track of where each choice will lead the reader.

When they are creating a story, users will be notified if one of the choices they have written contains a loose end. It is easy to track choices to the sections they inspire. A decision map is provided to help users visualize how they have structured their story. The "contents" functionality gives users a quick overview of each section and the choices contained therein along with direct links for easy edits. Writers can also upload images into the story to add some media flair.


Inklewriter is an intricate system that could have a long learning curve. Though the tutorial is very thorough, the contents section is a bit confusing to fully understand. The map is great for visualizing the different branches of the story, but it may become confusing to understand once a user has developed many choices and branching sections.

Our Takeaway

When using Inklewriter, students can be more creative in writing stories and give readers a more interactive experience. Consistent use of this platform might even improve a student’s reading and writing ability or skills in other subjects like computer science. Constructing a story on the platform is very reminiscent of some computer programming logic like conditional statements (if..else). A choice in a story would be equivalent to an "if" statement and the section that follows it would be the "else" statement. When used properly Inklewriter can also strengthen students’ organization skills since this type of storytelling requires writers to keep track of the different branches of their story. There is plenty of potential for interdisciplinary learning through this platform.

The Bottom Line:

Inklewriter empowers students tell many tales through one story.

Image: Logo (via Inklewriter)