The Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) is a high school program in Kansas dedicated to teaching and fostering entrepreneurship. Run like an incubator accelerator, the program allows students to take an idea from inception to building a prototype. Some students even pitch their product to investors to obtain seed funding for further development. In addition, professionals in various fields mentor students as they go through the process of building their very own company from the ground up. Unlike a traditional high school, CAPS’ focus is not only on preparing these students for a four-year university but also on preparing them to work in the 21st century global economy.

Do you think entrepreneurship should become a high school subject as mainstream as English literature or chemistry? Watch CAPS students at work, innovating and starting companies to fill real-world needs and solve real-world problems and add your thoughts to the ongoing discussion on Vialogues.

@02:57 elisa.brazil: I think it is great that they are teaching entrepreneurial skills, but I wonder if at all they are encouraging a socially responsible entrepreneurship.

@04:37 Khalil: During my years of K-12 schooling, I never had an opportunity to take a class just on entrepreneurship. I felt such as a course would have been very useful and important to my overall K-12 experience as it would have introduced me to learning a different class, which would have came with a different set of skills.