Over the past six years, Mount Desert Elementary School has surpassed other Maine schools on state tests by a significant amount. What makes this school so different? There, teachers take a "responsive classroom" approach, where they incorporate socio-emotional learning in grades K-3. With this approach to teaching, Mount Desert strives to teach students to self-regulate their emotions, improve their social skills and behavior, and build closer student-teacher relationships by including morning meetings, positive language, and expectations and rules set by the students.

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@02:01 dani100: I love how the teacher gives the students the leadership role. They get to choose how they will like to transition from one place to another.

@04.04 sjohnson: Great idea to start their days with yoga, whether it’s a couple minutes a day, or a 40 minute session. The students look like they really enjoy it as well.

@04:26 dani100: "It’s easy and is something that comes natural to teachers."